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In class or from home

Seamless satellite school integration

Real-time allergen blocking

Order fillings and custom dishes

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Retain your customers

Increase your uptake

Save staff hours

Easy online payment options

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Supplier integration

Live allergen blocking

Online recipes & menu planning

Parent micro-surveys

Kitchen health & Safety

Kitchen communication

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Simply Cost Effective

SchoolGrid is all about increasing your uptake. We are a very cost effective way to modernise the catering service in all sizes of primary, infant, junior, middle and senior schools. As well as cashless payment options, we provide a range of features designed to increase your uptake.

SchoolGrid is cost effective in that increases in uptake and efficiency savings not only pay for the system, but increase profitability.

Our system works equally well in primary, middle and senior schools, with a strong focus on customer care and engagement. Affordability is a key priority, and we provide two very reasonable tariffs - one for small schools and one for larger schools.

To find out more, please click one of the links below. You may also wish to view our short video which includes interviews with head teachers, parents and catering staff.

Work Smarter, Engage your Customers

Financial sustainability and the ability to compete with outside competition requires you to keep food costs under control, limit or reduce staff costs, and maintain strong sales. We help in all of these areas.

Reduce Food Cost

We have 5 methods for reducing food spend, all of which are tried and tested in the field.

Most of these innovations are unique to SchoolGrid!

Decrease Staffing Requirement

Cutting staff hours is difficult and unpopular. However, we can make effective cuts in staffing by serving more meals with the same hours. This is achieved by proving a range of useful tools to save cook time.

Maintaining Strong Sales

There is no single method for increasing sales in schools, as there can be a multitude of reasons parents may opt for packed lunches.
We tackle them one by one
We start with Customer care and work out from there. From micro-surveys to star ratings to allergen protection, we help tackle many of the common issues that can lead parents to choose packed lunches. The result? More school meal sales!

Save Time at Head Office

Local Authorities must ensure that their catering operation remains sustainable in the face of continued competition from other private and public sector caterers, and attractive to schools who may consider in-house catering options.

We can help by providing tools to help your head office do more with less. By integrating recipes, menus and supply chain information, communication, finance and monitoring all into one easy to use package, we are able to automate a lot of processes and reduce administrative overhead.

We are in your corner

We work closely with councils and arm's length public caterers to develop a productive working relationship. We organise catch-up meetings and carry out analysis to ensure that clients get the most from our system. We believe that this pro-active approach is the key to client retention.

What Makes us Special

Our staff have been working in school kitchens and school offices for the last 20 years. We understand the environment and create helpful tools which enhance the school day. Our system looks great, is a pleasure to use, and is backed up by a genuine and friendly customer care team.

The Original Inventors

We invented classroom ordering on the whiteboard, and were the first provider to allow parents to order from home. We were the first to provide dynamic allergy protection systems, the first to show parents nutrition, allergy, recipe and supply chain information at home, the first to offer school staff a full deli lunch customisation system, to offer online Direct Debit, to create instant online cook discussion forums, to get star ratings for dishes from pupils, and to open up a simple way for parents and pupils to compliment their cook.

With lots of new ideas in the works, we continue to lead the field.

Features for schools
Direct Debit, card and cash collection options
Replaces dinner register and manages cash and cheques
Account histories and payment reminders by email
Pre-order system for classroom whiteboards
Children get the meal of their choice
Controls food costs - waste is minimised
Parents can log in from home to view the menu, check their account and pre-order meals
Uptake graphs and reports help you track progress
Lunchtimes are faster and more organised
Optional menu costing and nutritional analysis
�Live Deli� custom order builder for baguettes, salads etc

Great for Parents and Children

As parents ourselves we understand that parents want to (and have a right to) know what their child is being fed.

Our system facilitates this transparency, letting parents see how dishes are made, which ingredients are used, and nutrition and allergy content before placing an order. Parents can place orders for up to a term at a time, selecting fillings for dishes where appropriate. This helps caterers ensure that children get the dish of their choice.

Easy Payment Options

We support cash payments, but most schools are trying to move away from cash, which is hard to manage. Our cashless catering offering lets parents choose to pay by Direct Debit (the ultimate convenience) or card payment.

Enhancing Your School Day

Schools are under increasing pressure to do better at every turn, placing a great deal of pressure on your management staff. We understand this and provide straightforward ways to save time in your school office.

With any new system which involves parents, you may be concerned about receiving additional phone calls and queries. We help you by providing easy to follow literature for parents, and by encouraging them to phone our friendly customer care team directly if they have any questions rather than contacting your school.

We make debt management easier, we provide parents with nutrition, allergy and account balance information directly to reduce questions, we provide a range of payment options, and we support schools wishing to completely eliminate cash.

To find out more, please get in touch.

Our People

As a small family company, we take pride in the staff that we employ and are very selective in who we hire.

All of our employees are chosen for their friendliness, competency and ingenuity. We often receive compliments from clients regarding the level of support and assistance provided by members of the team.

We are hiring

As a fast growing company we are always on the lookout for talent. If you would like to work in a dynamic and creative environment, with a strong focus on teamwork and job satisfaction, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or fill out the contact form below.

Best in Class

We have always been at the forefront of innovation in schools catering and parent engagement. Over the years we have picked up prestigious industry awards in recognition of this.

Educatering Award for Innovation

Educatering magazine's annual awards recognise the best in the industry and the innovation award is always hotly contested. Our Innovation Excellence award was voted for 'on the night' by an auience of our peers: cooks, contract caterers, local authorities, chefs and consultants.

Catey Award for technical Innovation

The Caterer magazine's longstanding and respected annual 'Catey' awards cover the entire hospitality industry. Previous winners include Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, The Hilton chain, and the Ritz. Cateys are the 'Oscars' of the hospitality industry and it is unprecedented that a system for primary school catering should win.

Get in Touch

SchoolGrid Ltd
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(+44) 01506 300310

Our normal office hours (excluding bank holidays) are 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). If you are not able to contact us on this number or if you need to contact us out of hours, please complete the contact form or send us an email.