"Increasing the popularity of your school meals service means improving all aspects of your offering - the quality of the food, the meal price, the customer service, and convenience for parents. Live Kitchen can help you improve in all of these areas."
More control, less hassle

Parenting involves a lot of planning and organisation, and parents more than anyone appreciate ways to reduce hassle and save time. Live Kitchen is quite simply the fastest way to pay for your school meals and your level of involvement is up to you. Here are some examples:

Parent A
Parent A decided to continue paying by cash, and send money in at the start of each week. They asked the school office for a Live Kitchen login and they order their child's meals a week at a time. At the end of the term they like to print out their child's personalised cartoon from the Live Kitchen website.
Parent B
Parent B is very busy and wants to save time. They filled in a direct debit form and every month they get an email telling them how much they will be debited. They have a quick look at it and don't need to do anything else. Their child pre-orders on the classroom whiteboard each morning. Occasionally the parent logs in and checks what their child has been eating.
Parent C
Parent C's son is diabetic and they appreciate being able to look up nutritional information for each dish before placing pre-orders. They signed up for direct debit and keep a close eye on their online account. They like that they are told about money leaving their account 2 weeks in advance and that they pay in arrears rather than in advance.
Parent D
Parent D has recently moved house and doesn't have an internet connection set up yet. They are still paying by cash and their child orders on the classroom whiteboard. They have heard good things about the system from other parents and plan to sign up for direct debit and online pre-ordering as soon as they get an internet connection.

Direct Debit is great. With other payment systems parents have to log in regularly and top up a pre-paid balance. This can cause issues in the school if the parent forgets to top up. Why give parents more to do instead of less? With Direct Debit the parent fills in a single form and the rest is automatic - an email statement is sent at the end of each month and if it is correct, no more action is required. Parents only pay for the meals their child have actually eaten.

Benefits for you & your child
You can choose to pay by cash, cheque or Direct Debit
Direct Debit means no hassle finding correct cash
You can pre-order online for up to a term in one go
Or you can let your child order in class each morning
You can easily track your account online
Monthly direct statements show you what your child ate
You can view all recipes online, including cooking method, nutrition and artificial ingredients
Our parent feedback system keeps you more in touch
Your children get the dish they want, every day
Cooks can be shown dietary notes when serving your child
Your child will have less queuing at lunchtime

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