"Increasing the popularity of your school meals service means improving all aspects of your offering - the quality of the food, the meal price, the customer service, and convenience for parents. Live Kitchen can help you improve in all of these areas."
Worlds of adventure!

We send pupils on adventures through the jungle, to the moon and back, to the depths of the ocean and around the world on a hot air balloon. Each term we create new exciting cartoons which are displayed on the morning pre-order and parent pre-order screens.

As children eat their meals, the story progresses for them. Children who complete the story first get put into a prize draw to win exciting goodies for themselves and the school!

Why focus on pupils?
Our research shows that the pupil's opinion of the meals service is a major factor in the parent's decision making process. By making the service more fun, allowing children to intract with technology and ensuring that pupils get the meal they want every day, uptake can be significantly increased.

Our case studies highlight the impact that improving the pupil and parent offering can have on meal numbers.

At the end of term, parents can print out the full advanture (which uses their child's name as the main character) in a comic style layout.